Algeria: 12 June Legislative Elections – Competing Parties Seek to Regain Citizens’ Confidence

Algiers — The speech delivered by the candidates running for the 12 June legislative elections, on the fourth day of the electoral campaign, focused on the importance of regaining the confidence of the citizens, which cannot be attained unless a “wise choice” of future representatives of the people in parliament is made.

In this regard, president of the Tajmoune Amel Al Jazair Party, Fatma Zohra Zerouati, said during a popular meeting, hosted in Algiers, that her electoral program aspires to restore the confidence between the citizens and authorities through the strengthening of their relations with the political class.”

This confidence can only be rebuilt with “the breakup with old practices,” she added.

The TAJ president further said that the coming elections “will be credible thanks to the open lists, which provide equal opportunities to the competing candidates, noting that the change that Algeria is experiencing today has massively encouraged youth to participate in the elections.”

For his part, president of El Moustakbel Front Party, Abdelaziz Belaid, said from Annaba that the building of a strong Algeria is the responsibility of all Algerians, which requires, he explained, the setting up of efficient constitutional institutions.”

According to Belaid, this can only be attained through a high turnout in the elections, calling on voters to show caution and wisdom in choosing their representatives, able to help the country overcome the current difficulties and challenges.