Algeria: 12 June Legislative Elections – Need to Deliver Unifying, Realistic Discourse

Algiers — Candidates in the 12 June legislative elections were unanimous to call, from the outset of the electoral campaign, for “a unifying and realistic discourse” free from “false promises,” while banning “defeatist discourse,” in order to get voters participate massively in the elections.

The call of the candidates comes after the representatives of political parties and independent lists signed the Charter of Ethics of Electoral Practices, which is a framework presenting the ethical behavior expected from actors and participants in the electoral process.

In this sense, the organic law relating to the electoral system stipulates that any candidate or person who participates in an electoral campaign must refrain from any hate speech and any form of discrimination.

It is in this spirit that the National Democratic Rally (RND) Party, through the voice of its Secretary General, Tayeb Zitouni, urged the party’s candidates to “not respond to provocations” and to adopt a political discourse “clear and frank away from false promises, insults and insults.

Through its call, the RND aspires to a massive participation of voters, which will “block the road to the enemies of Algeria who are trying to lead it into dark paths,” to quote its SG.

Agreeing in the same direction, president of El Islah Party, Filali Ghouini, called his candidates to respect the principles of ethics during the election campaign, saying that “the trust of the people can not be gained on the basis of empty slogans or unrealistic promises.”