Algeria: 58th Anniversary of Independence – President Tebboune Grants Pardon to a Number of Detainees

Algiers — President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided on Wednesday to grant pardon measures to a number of detainees. The measure is part of the celebration of the 58th anniversary of Independence and Youth, said a press release from the Presidency of the Republic.

“In accordance with this decree and the provisions of the Constitution and of the amended and supplemented Penal Code, and on the advisory opinion of the Supreme Council of Magistracy, the pardon covers the definitely convicted persons as of the date of signing of this decree. They are:

– Allal Chérif Nasreddine, born on 4 April 1998.

– Bahlat Ilyes, born on 26 June 1985.

– Cheddad Djelloul, born on 20 January 1992.

– Riahi Malik, born on 20 August 1990.

– Khader Hocine, born on 14 November 1992.

– Daoud Ben Amrane Djilali, born on 19 July 1988″.

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