Algeria: Anonymous Letters – Instruction to Members of Government, Security Officials

Algiers — The Presidency of the Republic issued on Friday a statement concerning anonymous letters of denunciation, which is as follows:

“President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, had announced in his opening speech at the second Government-Governors meeting of this year, held on August 12 and 13, to no longer take into account anonymous letters in legal proceedings.

A week after this meeting, the President of the Republic issued an instruction to members of the Government and to the heads of the security forces, the full text of which follows:

Reports received by the Presidency of the Republic indicate that some government officials and officials at various levels have been prosecuted on the basis of anonymous letters addressed to various security services and state institutions.

A number of executives were thus deprived of their liberty on the basis of these letters, which, in most cases, proved to be completely unfounded.

In addition to the injustice suffered by the latter, this state of affairs has led to a paralysis of the activity of public administrations and companies, because of the fear, dread and anguish of being prosecuted on the basis of a simple anonymous letter.

Fuelled by rumors, a climate of fear and suspicion has set in with other officials who, for fear of possible legal action, limit themselves to a minimum of obligations and do not develop any entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, the handling of important files, sometimes of an urgent nature, is postponed to later dates, causing serious damage to the functioning of these institutions.

It is therefore differentiate to differentiate between mismanagement due to an error of appreciation and voluntary acts that only benefit the perpetrators or malicious third parties. To this end, the judicial administration has all the legal means at its disposal to carry out investigations in this area.

While the fight against corruption is irreversible and necessary, it must not, under any circumstances, take the form of a campaign to destabilize the tools for carrying out and concretizing the missions of the State and its various implementing structures.

This unhealthy climate is naturally fuelled by rumors often distilled by the supporters of dirty money, the corrupt, those who want at all costs to destabilize the state and its structures to escape their inevitable fate.

Therefore, it is imperative, upon receipt of this circular, to make the difference between: