Algeria: Bill On Revision of Electoral Law – New Instrument to Combat ‘Corruption, Fraud’

Algiers — President of the National Independent Authority for Election (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi said on Wednesday that the bill revising the electoral law would lead to the establishment of a new instrument that would uproot “corruption and fraud.”

Speaking to “El Hiwar” paper, Charfi said that that the new bill, which is in the finalization phase, would allow the emergence of a “new electoral system that would make dirty money useless and fruitless for both the donor and the receiver.”

They would oversee the Council of the State, the Court of Auditors and the Supreme Court, he said.

More explicitly, he said that “the reimbursement of the funds of the electoral campaign will depend on the Constitutional Court,” created as part of the latest amendment to the country’s Constitution.

Among the conditions contained in the new bill on elections, Charfi cited “the companies, in other words, money influence, which will no longer be able to finance a candidate for election, whatever his quality.”

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In response to a question about the civil society role in the electoral process, the ANIE President said that the civil society “will be a partner in the electoral system and not a pool of candidates.”

Referring to the educational level of candidates, the ANIE president said that a university degree of higher level is required for some positions.

Commenting certain parties request for the removal the condition of 4% of votes in the last legislative or local elections, Charfi said that “this concern will be taken into account”.

Regarding the phenomenon of abstention, the official said that this is a “global issue,” insisting on the importance of “awakening the democratic conscience of the citizen” and encouraging him to participate in all the elections.

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