Algeria: Call to Go Massively to Polls for Institutional Revival, Country Stability

Algiers — The candidates for the legislative elections emphasized Friday, on the second day of the election campaign, the necessity of going massively to the polls on 12 June, underlining that this electoral event is an opportunity to achieve the “institutional revival” and preserve the country’s stability.

Leader of El Islah Movement Filali Ghouini called, in Relizane, the citizens to “go massively to the polls to elect a legitimate and strong parliament with competent and nationalist young people.”

While broaching the importance of the next elections in the implementation of the people’s will, Ghouini underlined that they will “enable the building of the new Algeria and the enshrinement of the rule of law, based on the popular legitimacy.”

Secretary General of the National Activism Front (FMN) Abdellah Haddad called, in Bouira, the Algerians to go voting on 12 June to build a rule of law and give back sovereignty to the people.

He said that it was time for the Algerians “to take their destiny in hands via a strong participation in the elections of 12 June.”

The legislative elections of 12 June “give concrete expression to the popular sovereignty,” underlined the secretary general of the National Republican Alliance (ANR) Belkacem Sahli who affirmed, in El Bayadh, that this event is an opportunity to “succeed the institutional revival claimed by the people.”

In Bousaada, Secretary General of the National Liberation Front (FLN) Abou EL Fadhl Baadji stressed the importance of going to the polls on 12 June to “stand in the way of the those who call for a period of transition,” underscoring that the right to vote is the only “guarantor of the country’s stability” and will enable “foiling all conspiracies against Algeria.”