Algeria: Candidates Call for Making of Legislative Elections Success

Algiers — The candidates to the legislative elections of 12 June called Monday to make of this electoral event a success, pointing out the role of citizens in this mission whose interest is to build a new Algeria and face attempts targeting the country’s unity and stability.

In M’sila, the leader of El Moustakbel Front Abdelaziz Belaid stressed the importance of the legislative elections in the building the new Algeria’s institutions.

In his meeting, he called on the Algerians and the politicians to “work for the construction of a strong State through its institutions in order to end the socio-economic crisis of the country.”

For his part, the head of El Moustakbel Front Abdelaziz Belaid called, in Skikda, all the sections of the Algerian people to stand united and assume their responsibilities to succeed this electoral event and foil all the attempts targeting the country’s unity and stability.”

In Jijel, Chairman of the Algerian National Front (FNA) Moussa Touati pointed out that “the deputy elected by the people will make sure to fully carry out his missions,” noting that “the future deputies will face multiple challenges,” where the most important is to be attentive to the people’s concerns, pass on their voice and defend their claims.”

In Tlemcen, the head of El Islah Movement Fillali Ghouini said that the new elections will constitute an opportunity to “renew the trust between the citizens and the political class.”

The candidates of the independent list “the elite for the change”, competing for the legislative elections of 12 June in the province of Touggourt bank on the development of the sector of agriculture.

This list of independents, which comprises several experts, advocates through its electoral programme the smoothing away of the problems facing the agricultural sector, notably in the regions of Touggourt, Bennacer and Taibet, with high agricultural potential, affirmed the representative of the list Mohamed Maameri.

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