Algeria: Civil Society Shouldn’t Be Partisan

Algiers — The Civil society shouldn’t be partisan, but should instead be an intermediary to bring the concerns of the population’s different sections to the public authorities, head of the Algerian Red Crescent (CRA) Saida Benhabiles said Monday in Algiers.

“The civil society shouldn’t be partisan. It should rather be the safety valve of the State and its institutions,” underlined Benhabiles in her interview with the Channel 3 of the Algerian Radio, pointing out that “there is a very important fundamental principle: the civil society activists shouldn’t be partisan.”

She underlined that “the civil society’s main role is to be the conscience of the decision-makers and to convey the society’s concerns to the concerned authorities,” adding that the civil society “is an intermediary between each organization that expresses the concerns of the population and the public authorities, in order to accompany them and benefit from the measures taken by the State.”

In this regard, she welcomed the creation of the national civil society watchdog, expressing the hope that his latter “will not be partisan,” lamenting “the birth of some associations which are the extension of some political parties,” while insisting that “the civil society must be completely be independent from the politics.”

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