Algeria: Constitutional Amendment Bill – Referendum Campaign Opens

Algiers — The campaign on the constitutional amendment bill, to be submitted to a referendum on November 1st, started Wednesday under the banner of “November 1954: Liberation, November 2020: Change.”

The campaign, set to be conducted in “transparency and impartiality,” will be marked by awareness-raising actions on the importance of this popular consultation to lay the foundations of a “modern state at the service of citizens.”

On September 28th, the National Independent Authority for Election (ANIE) announced the launch on October 7th of an awareness campaign in preparation for the referendum on the amendment of the Constitution.

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It issued an order setting out the rules for the referendum campaign, in application of the organic law on the electoral system.

These rules mainly stipulate that the campaign will be led by government staff, political parties with a parliamentary group at both houses of Parliament or 10 seats in both houses, or seats in local elected councils in at least 25 provinces.

National associations with effective representation in at least 25 provinces and politicians are also entitled to lead the referendum campaign.

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The speaking time for speakers in public audiovisual media has been defined by ANIE, in coordination with the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV).

The referendum campaign can also be conducted by means of posters, distributing pamphlets, correspondence and all written or electronic means. Abroad, the campaign posters must be displayed inside the headquarters of diplomatic and consular missions.

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