Algeria: Constitutional Amendment – Opening of Referendum Campaign Makes Headlines

Algiers — Most national newspapers have devoted their headlines today, Wednesday, to the opening of the campaign on the constitutional amendment bill to be submitted to a referendum on November 1st.

Held under the motto ” November 1954: Liberation, November 2020: Change,” the “important popular consultations” has made the headline of El Moudjahid daily newspaper, which has devoted the leading article to the referendum on the constitutional amendment bill, to take place on November 1st,” which reflects “the will of an Algeria in tune with the principles of the national liberation revolution of November 1954.”

“The constitutional amendment comes in response to the demands of Algerian people, through its Hirak movement, and to the expectations of the political class for the construction of a new Algeria, based on the principles of the rule of law that guarantee popular sovereignty and the desire to strengthen national unity,” the oldest Algerian newspaper stressed in its leading article.

L’Expression daily also devoted its leading article to the “information and awareness campaign,” noting that the referendum of November 1st, which is a “crucial stage, should lead to the expected change.”

Under the headline “Break the Stalemate,” the leading article of Horizons daily said “the referendum on the Constitution on November 1st is the touchstone of all the coming reforms for the building of a new Algeria.”

Le Soir d’Algerie newspaper focused on the missions of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE) and the statements made by its chairman, Mohamed Charfi.