Algeria: Coronavirus – 201 Cases Confirmed in Algeria, 17 Deaths

Algiers — Seventeen people infected with coronavirus have died, out of the 201 confirmed cases until Sunday 3 p.m., said Sunday spokesman of the scientific monitoring committee on the progress of coronavirus pandemic Djamel Fourar.

“17 deaths have been reported, including 8 in the province of Blida and 2 in Khenchela and Bejaia. For the last two cases, they are two Algerian nationals aged 82 and 85, returned from France,” Fourar told a press conference, adding that the number of confirmed cases reached 201 including 110 in Blida.

For Fourar, these figures are not “a source for concern”, stating that the average age of the deceased, all suffering from chronic diseases, was 67.

He also said that 23 cases had recovered and were discharged from hospital, while 340 people suspected of carrying Covid-19 were in hospitals awaiting the results of their tests.

Fourar affirmed that the health sector remained at the highest level of alert in order to ward off this pandemic, recalling that to avoid contamination “it is imperative to stay at home and to go out only in case of ‘extreme urgency for a single family member”.

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