Algeria: Coronavirus – President Tebboune Urges Further Solidarity, Discipline in Ramadan

ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Thursday urged Algerians “to show further solidarity, mutual help, discipline, patience and vigilance” to contain the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

“We managed to limit the propagation of the pandemic and I gave instruction to reconsider the sanitary lockdown measures depending on the situation on the spot. The better the indicators improve the closer we get to a return to normal life,” he continued.

“The solidarity and mutual help our people have always shown in each key step of their History encourage us to transform this crisis into an opportunity for a new start and a new reflection that lead to a break with obsolete practices that have hindered the emergence of the creative potential of our youth, diverted from the path of edification to be tipped into despair and hopelessness,” stressed the Head of State.

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“I am also aware that some of you have been forced to leave their jobs temporarily, some are concerned about their children’s classes and some suffer chronic diseases and can no longer stand the sanitary lockdown. But what can we do, if not accept all the constraints imposed on us, as they are for the entire population of the world in the face of the spread of a lethal pandemic, which science and scientists are struggling to overcome”, the President of the Republic said.

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