Algeria: Coronavirus – State to Maintain Expenses Rationalization, Tax Recovery Facilitation Policy

Algiers — The public authorities will maintain expense rationalization and tax recovery facilitation policy, in order to counter the health crisis caused by Coronavirus pandemic, Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouya said in Algiers on Wednesday.

On an inspection visit to several tax administrations in the capital, Raouya said that the management of the decline in revenues, chiefly the oil sales requires maintaining the expenses rationalization policy, while working to raise the tax collection rate through facilitations and digitization.

Raouya also called on the tax administration staff to continue their tax audit work, by ensuring all the facilitation provisions provided for by the law and by government decisions.

Broaching corporate taxpayers, the minister said he had held a meeting with the Unions and Business Leaders to discuss measures taken by the government to extend the deadlines for tax payments.

He also said that “if the current conditions remain as they are, the ministry will take further action” as part of the facilitation granted to taxpayers.

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