Algeria: Covid-19 – Schools Closing ‘Ruled Out,’ Contacts Underway for Purchasing Vaccine

Tipasa (Algeria) — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said on Saturday in Tipasa, that schools closure due to the spread of the new Coronavirus spread “is not currently on the agenda,” noting that contacts are underway with foreign laboratories for the purchase of the Covid -19 vaccine.

“In the event that positive cases are recorded in schools, each case will be treated separately. However, the closure of schools is not currently on the agenda,” Djerad told the press, on the sidelines of the launch of the national reforestation campaign in Tipasa’s Boukerdane dam.

The “State will continue to fulfill its duties towards its citizens,” stressed the Premier.

Moreover, he urged “full compliance with the opinions of scientists, doctors and experts, far from any useless debate,” and to prevent “any haste in decision making.”

The Premier renewed his appeal to the educational family, the parents of pupils and to the unions to mobilize for strict compliance with preventive measures against Covid-19.

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