Algeria: Customs – Djerad Urges for Greater Contribution to Anti-Corruption Efforts

Algiers — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad called Tuesday the Customs Service to a greater contribution to the State efforts in the fight against corruption.

“Algerian Customs must play a greater role in the State’s sustained effort to fight corruption,” said Djerad, who chaired a ceremony celebrating the International Customs Day, at the International Conference Centre, in the presence of ministers and senior officials.

He also called on this “sensitive” body to “encourage investments that generate wealth and jobs” and to “support economic recovery, by improving the management and optimizing the use of human resources.”

According to Djerad, the current situation of the national economy, especially in the midst of a multidimensional crisis that affects all countries of the world, requires “the mobilization of all the institutions, in particular the Customs Service.”

The prime minister stressed the Customs’ key role in protecting the national economy and opening up new opportunities to facilitate domestic and foreign investment, promoting foreign trade, diversifying the national economy and generating new financial resources.”

To achieve these objectives, Djerad called for considering training as a “major axis” in the process of modernizing the Customs Service, by boosting bilateral and multilateral trade and cooperation, to establish this institution as a “more transparent, modern and efficient” government.

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