Algeria: Draft Amendment of Constitution, ‘A Total Break’ With Past Practices

Algiers — Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, said Friday at the Council of the Nation (Upper House) that the draft amendment of the Constitution constitutes “a total break” with past practices, both in terms of elaboration and content, and came in response to the aspirations of the people to build a “true” democratic State.

“The draft law on constitutional revision constitutes a total break with past practices both in terms of elaboration and content,” said the Prime Minister, who presented the law to the Committee on Legal and Administrative Affairs, Human Rights and Local Organization, of Land Use Planning and Territorial Division, in the presence of acting President of the Council of the Nation,Salah Goudjil, Minister of Justice Belkacem Zeghmati, the Parliamentary Quaestor, the chiefs and representatives of the parliamentary groups and members of the Council not belonging to the parliamentary groups.

The crisis that the country has experienced has “strongly and deeply” impacted the institutions of the State, due “to corruption erected as a system of governance and weakened cohesion.” As a result, the State found itself facing a danger that jeopardized its territorial integrity and national security.

It also aims at a “comprehensive reform” of the State and its institutions in the service of the citizen and a restoration of “trust between the people and its institutions,” he added.

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