Algeria: Election Campaigners Call for High Voting Turnout to Meet Challenges

Algiers — Political parties and independent candidates on Monday carried on their election speech focusing on the imperative for citizens to vote massively in the legislative elections of June 12th to bring about the change the Algerian people aspire to, by electing a People’s National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) made up of “competent and honest MPs.”

The leader of Jil Jadid, Sofiane Djilali, at a campaign rally in the eastern city of Setif, said his party wanted to “contribute to the development of reflection and the construction of political awareness,” to get citizens involved in the coming elections with “responsibility and activism” to achieve change.

In a meeting with his party’s candidates in Algiers, the secretary general of the Republican National Alliance (ANR), Belkacem Sahli, said his party had chosen to participate in the upcoming elections because “the solution to the crisis facing the country must be through the constitutional framework and not the transition period to which some parties call.”

At a political rally in Ouled Djellal, the president of El Moustakbel Front, Abdelaziz Belaid, said his party was ready to “work with everybody to bring about a real change,” adding that the construction of Algeria “requires to combine efforts to spread confidence and hope.”

Speaking in Sidi Bel Abbes, the acting president of the Freedom and Justice party, Djamel Benziadi, urged citizens to go to the poll on June 12th to achieve the “expected real change,” stressing the need to “choose the most competent” and “stand in the way of the corrupt and opportunists.”