Algeria: Finance Bill 2021 – Towards Diversification of Economic Funding Sources

Algiers — Minister of Finance Aymane Benabderrahmane on Wednesday in Algiers that the Government works to diversify the economic development sources through the recourse of non-hydrocarbon revenues. New measures aiming to ensure efficient public expenditures are also planned as part of the finance bill 2021.

During a plenary session devoted to the answers to the questions of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) members on the Finance Bill 2021, the minister said that the “Government works to execute an action plan to diversify the financing sources in a bid to end dependence on current sources of financing and will strategically use public-private partnership to create a return to middle term investment.”

The plenary session has been chaired by Speaker Slimane Chenine, and attended by members of the Government.

Regarding the public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism aimed at the creation and management of public structures through private financing versus the operating income, the ministry is working to prepare a bill governing the mechanism and explains its modalities.

However, a new approach has been adopted in the short-term budgetary planning of capital expenditure (2021-2023) which covers “the control and rationalization of public expenditure through the adaptation of future equipment programs through an economic rationality while taking into account the financial capacities of the country.”

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