Algeria: Four Draft Executive Decrees On Government Meeting Agenda

Algiers — Four draft executive decrees were on the agenda of the government’s meeting, chaired Wednesday by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, said a communiqué of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad chaired this Wednesday 7 October 2020 a meeting of the government, held by video conference.

In accordance with the agenda, the government’s meeting examined four (04) draft executive decrees introduced by ministers of Finance, Communication, Transport and Water Resources.

A report was also presented by minister of Public Works related to three the public procurement by mutual agreement with public companies.

The Government listened to a report by minister of Finance on the draft executive decree setting the terms and conditions of design and elaboration of the medium-term budget guideline.

This draft executive decree, which was adopted in accordance with the provisions of the organic Law no 18-15 of 2 September 2018 related to the finance Laws, provides that the medium-term budget framework is a programming instrument which determines the long-term budget objectives in terms of expenditure and which grants the resources to the different sectors according to the priorities set by the public authorities.

The medium-term budget guideline aims at strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of the public expenditure and introducing a greater transparency in the management of public finances.

The Government examined a draft executive decree presented by minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government, determining the methods of exercising the activity of online information and the diffusion of a clarification or correction on the electronic site.