Algeria: Giving Fresh Impetus to University, Putting Scientific Research At Service of Economic Take-Off

Algiers — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad called Tuesday, in M’sila, to give a fresh impetus to the university, insisting on the need to put the scientific research at the service of a real economic take-off.

The Algerian university is facing today many “challenges” requiring the involvement of all the players in order to form an integrated reform vision able to give a new dynamics in terms of the training of highly qualified specialists and also to enable the future university to adapt to the current changes and become, thereby, ready to meet the needs of the new jobs and skills in a permanently changing world,” said Prime minister in a working and inspection visit to the province where he kicked off the academic year 2020/2021, and inspected several development projects.

In his speech at the University Mohamed Boudiaf of M’sila in the presence of ministers of Interior, of Higher Education and of Housing as well as President of the Republic’s adviser Abdelhafid Allahoum, Prime minister insisted on the need to “put the scientific research at the service of a real economic take-off,” pointing out that the research “is henceforth an efficient tool for taking appropriate decisions and measures and for the strict crisis management.”

Djerad also emphasized the need for “a complementary and integrated vision” to reform the university works system according to “a participatory approach” in order to improve the quality of services for students.

Prime minister underlined that the sector defined in its action programme, under the governmental action plan, “priority actions aimed at improving university works related to the fundamental tasks of higher education and scientific research.”

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