Algeria: Import of Cars Under Three Years Suspended, Not Banned

Algiers — Minister of Industry Ferhat Ait Ali Braham said Sunday, in Algiers, the decision to import vehicles under three years has been frozen not canceled, adding that it is likely to allow such imports in the mid-term after the implementation of the various different financial and economic reforms.

“We have not cancelled the law (the article on the importation of vehicles under three years of the Finance Law 2020), but we are considering the possibility of lifting the freeze in the medium term, after carrying out financial and economic reforms, which would allow citizens to purchase cars at the official exchange price and at reasonable prices,” Ait Ali told National Radio.

The decision taken by the ministry implies “the freezing of the article introduced to the 2020 Finance Act only,” pending the results of the measures relating to the automotive industry, the minister said.

He added that organized networks are ready to send “scrap metal” to sell it on the Algerian market.

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As for the new car market, the minister said it will be “open to all brands,” adding that “importation of new vehicles depends on the compliance of operators with the new specifications.”

“The deadlines for filing applications have not yet expired,” he continued.

On investment in the car industry, Ait Ali said Algeria has all the potential to boost the automotive industry of all types, adding that mechanical industries are a priority for Algeria.

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