Algeria: June 12 Legislative Election – 1 483 Lists Approved

Algiers — Chairman of the Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi announced on Sunday that 1 483 lists have been approved without reservation to participate in the legislative election scheduled for June 12, including 646 lists by political parties and 837 by independent lists.

The ANIE has received 4 900 lists willing to participate in the legislative elections of June 12th, Charfi told a press conference following a meeting with representatives of 16 political parties.

2 490 lists have submitted the candidacy forms, including 1 237 by political parties and 1 253 independent lists, according to Charfi, who indicated that the number of candidacy files submitted to ANIE was 25 416, including 12 854 files filed by political parties and 12 562 files filed by independent candidates.

Charfi added that some lists have been rejected because of link to suspicious circles of money and business (1 199 lists rejected), to persons sentenced to prison (281 lists) and to lack of required documents (410 lists).

The ANIE chairman also mentioned others reasons for list rejection, namely age requirements (89 rejected lists), not being enrolled on the electoral lists (129 candidates), as well as the situation vis-à-vis the tax administration (72 cases) and the National Service (62 cases), the presence of more than two people on the same list with family ties (7 cases) and holding a job position which does not allow candidacy (3 cases).

The reasons for the rejection are linked to the non-respect of age requirements (47 cases), the university level (6 cases) and the number of forms (162 cases) in addition to the non-compliance with parity condition.

Concerning the appeals lodged with the administrative courts, they are 847, of which 450 lodged by political parties and 397 by independent candidates.

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