Algeria: June 12 Legislative Election – President Tebboune Urges Setting Up of Health Prevention Plan

Algiers — President of the Republic, chairing a Council of Ministers meeting on Sunday urged the “settig up of a health preventive plan” with a view to the holding of the legislative election of June 12th.

The plan would be elaborated in coordination with the health ministry and the concerned services, said a communiqué of the Presidency of the Republic.

“The Plan must cover all the supervisors, centers and offices,” involved in the upcoming election, added the source.

The Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning had presented a report on the application of the President’s instructions on the coordination with the National Independent Authority for Elections in anticipation of the legislative election of June 12, 2021.

On March 10, 2021, President Tebboune inked Order 21-01 on the organic law relating to the electoral regime.

In an address to the nation last February 18, President Tebboune announced the dissolution of the National People’s Assembly (APN) and the organization of early legislative election.

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