Algeria: June 12 Legislative Polls – Independent Candidates Reshape Country’s Political Arena

Algiers — The independent candidates won, in last Saturday’s legislative elections, 78 out the 407 seats in the National People’s Assembly (APN). They thus achieved a change in the component of the Lower House and reshaped the political scene in the country.

According to preliminary results, the independent lists are emerging as the second political force in the country, behind the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, which won 105 seats, followed by the Society for Peace Movement party (MSP), ranked 3rd with 64 seats. The independents have thus taken an advance over many traditional political groups.

Taking into account the results obtained, the independent deputies will have an “important presence” inside the new Lower House. They competed with 1,208 electoral lists representing 22,500 candidates, against 1,080 party lists.

Such an approach falls as part of new Algeria and the fulfillment of the demands of the popular Hirak of February 22, 2019.

According to several observers, the results obtained by the independent lists are “historical.” In the previous legislative elections, the independent candidates won 28 seats in 2017 and 19 seats in 2012, thus recording, an ascending trend from one legislative period to another.

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