Algeria: Justice Is Determined to Protect Electors’ Votes

Tipaza — Minister of Justice Balkacem Zeghmati emphasized Wednesday, at the Higher School of Magistracy in Kolea ( Tipaza), the pivotal role of the justice system in all the electoral process, pointing out that the justice “has all the power and acts with determination to protect the electors’ votes.

While supervising the opening of a one-day seminar on “the techniques of quashing in civil and penal cases in the Algerian and French law,” Zeghmati underlined that the Algerian justice “has, as part of the law, all the power and acts with determination to protect the citizens’ votes,” through legal mechanisms.

This sacrifice, added Zeghmati, shows that country still has real men who sacrificed themselves to protect the country and remained faithful to their oath,” calling on the citizens to respond to the country’s call.

Affirming that the legislative elections of 12 June “will enable the country to revive the expected prosperity,” Zeghmati underlined that these elections are part of “the President of the Republic’s process to end the country’s current crisis.”

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