Algeria: Legislative Election Campaign – Candidates Urge Algerians to Focus On Skills

Algiers — Candidates for the legislative elections of June 12th on Sunday, the fourth election campaign day, prompted citizens to be judicious in the choice of their representatives in the future People’s National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), by focusing on skills, adding that the building of the new Algeria is the responsibility of every Algerian.

In Annaba, the leader of El Mostakbel Front, Abdelaziz Belaid, said that building a strong Algeria is the “responsibility of all Algerians,” calling citizens to “unite around this goal” by selecting the most competent representatives in the legislative elections.

In Blida, the president of the National Activism Front, Abdallah Haddad, stressed that “the people alone can bring about the desired change and lay the foundation stone of the new Algeria,” through massive voter turnout in the legislative elections of June 12th, insisting on the need to choose the right representatives.

In an election campaign rally in Medea, the head of the Algerian Renewal Party (PRA), Kamel Bensalem, underlined the importance of “strengthening” the prerogatives of mayors and improving the management of communes for a “real” local development.

Hosting a meeting Saturday at his party’s headquarters in Birtouta, Algiers, the president of El Fadjr El Djadid party, Tahar Benbaibeche, said the elections were “the only way” for young people to participate in political decision-making and for getting out of the crisis, adding that the parliamentary election “will pave the way for the building of state institutions and the foundation of a new Republic.”

The president of the Freedom and Justice Party (PLJ), Djamel Benziadi, said in Biskra that the upcoming parliamentary elections is “an opportunity for real change,” adding that “we must not miss this opportunity if we want to effect change through the ballot box and counteract those who cause suffering to the people.”

In an election campaign meeting in Boussaada, M’sila, the leader of El Bina Movement, Abdelkader Bengrina, said his political party “has a programme aimed at establishing a new model of economic development,” mainly based on “investments and financial, regulatory and economic reforms.”

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