Algeria: Legislative Elections – Election Campaign Starts This Thursday

Algiers — The election campaign for the legislative elections of 12 June started on Thursday, in anticipation of the polls that will enable the election of the members of the future People’s National Assembly for the next five years.

The organic law on the electoral system stipulates that “the electoral campaign is declared open 23 days before the date of the elections” and “ends three days before the date of the polls.”

It states that “no one could, in any way or form whatsoever,” campaign outside the period provided for by the law and that all the candidates “benefit from a fair access to the authorized media outlets.”

The competing representatives of the political parties and independent lists signed on Thursday the ethic Charter of electoral practices which is meant to be a framework determining the ethical behavior expected from the players and participants in the electoral process.

At the financial level, the law provides that the election campaign is financed, notably, with resources coming from the contribution of political parties, by the personal capital contribution of the candidates, cash and in-kind donations from natural persons and a possible aid that the State can grant to the young candidates in the independent lists.

The legislative election of 12 June are marked by an unprecedented tendency: out of the 1,483 candidate lists competing for these elections, there are more independent lists than political parties’ lists (837 independent lists and 646 lists of political parties), said the National Independent Authority for the Elections (ANIE).

The head of ANIE, a body that supervises all the electoral process, ensured that all the provisions guaranteeing the probity and transparence of the election campaign and the vote, as well as the respect of the prevention measures against the Coronavirus pandemic, were taken.

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