Algeria: Legislative Elections – Fln Party Akes Lead With 105 Seats, Independents in Second Position With 78 Seats

The National Liberation Front Party (FLN) took the lead in the 12 June legislative elections with 105 seats out of 407 seats that make up the People’s National Assembly, according to the preliminary results announced Tuesday by President of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi.

The FLN is followed by the independents with 78 seats, the Movement for Society and Peace Party(MSP) with 64 seats, the National Democratic Rally Party (RND) with 57 seats, El Mostakbel Front Party with 48 seats, and El Bina Movement Party with 40 seats.

Parties and independents: Number of seats

– FLN: 105 seats

– Independents: 78 seats

– RND: 57 seats

– MSP: 64 seats

-El Moustakbal Front Movement Party: 48 seats

– El Binaa Movement Front Party: 40 seats

– The People’s Voice Party: 3 seats

– The Good Governance Front Party: 03 seats

– The Front for Justice and Development: 02 seats

– El Fadjr El djadid Party: 02 seats

-The New Algeria Front Party: 01 seat

– El Karama Party: 1 seat

– Jil Jadid Party: 1 seat

Legislative polls: 5,625,324 voters cast ballots

A total of 5,625,324 voters have cast ballots for the legislative elections of June 12, President of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi announced on Tuesday.

Speaking during a press briefing devoted to the announcement of the preliminary results of the elections, Charfi explained that the number of votes cast was 4,602,365 while the number of non valid ballots was 1,016,220.

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