Algeria: Legislative Elections – Political Parties to ‘Stretch Hand’ in Case of Parliamentary Majority

Algiers — On the eve of the last campaign day for the legislative elections of June 12, a number of political parties said they will “stretch their hand” to other political parties if they win parliamentary majority in the new People’s National Assembly (lower house of Parliament).

The secretary general of the National Democratic Assembly (RND), Tayeb Zitouni, at a campaign rally in Laghouat, said “the leadership of the party has agreed to extend its hand to the other political forces of the country as soon as the RND obtains the parliamentary majority in the next legislative elections.”

“Global change cannot be achieved through the national leadership alone, but rather through the contribution of the grassroots throughout the country.”

In Tipaza, the leader of El-Islah movement, Filali Ghouini, said if his party gets a significant quota of parliamentary seats, it “will work for the constitution of a presidential majority among the parliamentary groups supporting the programme of the President of the Republic, to ensure harmony between the institutions of the State.”

“Coherence of State institutions will make it possible to maintain the same pace in building the new Algeria.”

The president of the party Tajamoue Amel El Jazaïr (TAJ), Fatima Zohra Zerouati, at a popular meeting in Ain M’lila, emphasized the need to “develop” the city of Ain M’lila and the entire eastern region of the country, noting that it is a “commercial transit area with many potential that may be transformed by investment into real mines in terms of employment and wealth.”