Algeria: Legislative Elections – ‘Wise’ Choices Are Necessary to Effect Change, Say Candidates

ALGIERS-On the sixth of the election campaign, the candidates standing in the 12th June early legislative elections urged citizens to make “wise” choices to effect the expected change.

According to him, participation in the upcoming elections “is a must in order to make the change expected by the people.”

Speaking at a meeting with young people at the city center, Sofiane Djilali emphasized the “the importance of electing qualified representatives,” stressing that “the era of quotas is over.”

“I am sure that if the people vote massively, there will be change,” he continued.

The legislative elections are “the only way to make the expected change” and implement “the principle of alternation in power,” stressing “need to judiciously choose the future representatives.”

“Algeria and the MSP party need to make the upcoming legislative elections free, transparent and fair so that everyone contributes to a tangible change of the political environment in Algeria.”

In El Bayadh, President of El Islah movement Fillali Ghouini stressed the need to seize the opportunity of these elections to “restore the tarnished image of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House).”

The delegate of the Secretary General (SG) of the National Liberation Front (FLN) Layachi Daadua said in Djamaa (El-Meghaier) that the upcoming elections were “the only way” to enshrine democracy.

At a meeting held in Chalghoum Laid (Mila), Moussa Touati called on the supporters of his party to mobilize on June 12 and elect “those they trust to represent them at the People’s National Assembly.”

In Djelfa, the president of the Front for Justice and Development (FJD) Abdallah Djaballah emphasized the need to “strengthen participatory democracy that consolidates the multiparty political system.”

Secretary General of the National Democratic Rally (RND) Tayeb Zitouni advocated from Mila “strengthening the role of presidents of the People’s Communal Assembly (APC) and the People’s Provincial Assembly (APW), and local elected officials”, stressing the need to “move towards a participatory democracy.”

The president of the New Algeria Front (FAN) Djamel Ben Abdeslam said that the Constitution was the only source to draw political solutions to the challenges and dangers facing Algeria.

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