Algeria: Lower House Approves Bill On Protection of Healthcare Personnel

Algiers — The deputies of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) have adopted on Thursday the bill modifying the criminal code on the protection of healthcare personnel.

The voting session which took place without debate followed the presentation of the bill by Minister of the Relations with the Parliament, Basma Azouar on behalf of Minister of Justice Belkacem Zeghmati.

The new provisions included in the bill provides for ensuring “legal protection of all the workers of public and private health facilities against verbal and physical assaults, in addition to the punishment of any attack on the real estate property and equipment in health establishments, and the use of social networks to undermine the dignity of patients.”

It also will prohibit the intrusion into places not open to the public within hospitals and the aggravated repression of acts of destruction of real estate property and medical equipment.”

The bill stipulates that “most of these criminal acts must be considered as an offense in order to allow an immediate and adequate deterrent of their perpetrators, facing severe sentences ranging to 20 years in prison.”

Sentences of “life imprisonment or execution can also will issued against perpetrators of dangerous acts”.

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