Algeria: Middle-Secondary Education – Djerad Opens School Year

Algiers — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad officially opened the new school year 2020/2021 for the pupils of the middle and secondary cycles, two weeks after opening, in Batna, the school year of the primary education.

In a working and inspection visit to the administrative district of Sidi Abdellah, Djerad inaugurated a new high school that was named after martyr Rafik Hamoud Ben Aid.

During this working visit, Djerad will inaugurate a middle school at 10000/22000 AADL housing estate and naming it after mujaheed Merzouk Benyoucef.

A total of 3,313,448 pupils are registered in the middle cycle supervised by 169,684 teachers through 5,780 middle schools against 1,477,187 pupils for the secondary cycle, supervised by 109,900 teachers through 2,573 high schools.

In anticipation of this new school year, which was postponed until 4 November for the middle and secondary cycles because of the spread of the new Coronavirus and the cessation of classes since of 12 March, Ministry of Education has outlined recently exceptional plans for the resumption of classes for the pupils of the middle and secondary cycles, while taking into account the urgent need to preserve the health of pupils and staffs, urging the Education’s staff to raise the pupils’ awareness and to accompany them, by involving the pupils’ parents in this initiative.

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