Algeria: Ministry of Communication Withdraws France 24 Press Accreditation

ALGIERS-The Ministry of Communication withdrew Sunday the accreditation granted to the French TV news channel “France24,” Minister of Communication and Government Spokesperson, Ammar Belhimer told APS.

This withdrawal has been decided over “the overt and repeated hostility against our country and its institutions, non-compliance with the rules of professional ethics, as well as disinformation and manipulation.”

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Communication had sent, on March 13, a final warning to this TV news channel for its “blatant bias” in the coverage of the Friday demonstrations in Algeria.

“The bias of France 24 in the coverage of the Friday marches is blatant, going so far as to resort, without restraint, to archival footages to help anti-national remnants consisting of reactionary or separatist organisations,” the Communication Ministry said.

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