Algeria: Moroccan Diplomatic Slip-Up – Political Class Denounces Statement “Full of Hatred” Against Algeria

Algiers — The political class denounced Saturday the resort of the Moroccan system, via its representation in New York, to the distribution of a note to the member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement with “provocative” and “hateful” content, describing this step as a “terrorist act” against Algeria.

Several political parties denounced the distribution by the Moroccan representation in New York an official note to the member countries of the Non-Aligned Movements in which it supports the alleged “right of Kabylia to self-determination.”

The Democratic National Rally (RND) said that “this act shows clearly the current support of Morocco to a known terrorist group and unveils the plan behind the normalization of relations with the Zionist entity, whose goal is to shake Algeria’s stability and to officially enshrine the involvement of the Moroccan Kingdom in a campaign hostile to Algeria.”

The Party for Freedom and Justice (PLJ) described the facts as “terrorist act and a shameless aggression conducted by the system of the hateful Zionist Mekhzen towards Algeria, by proxy in the name of its lords.”

El Bina Movement said it is “deeply shocked as all Algerian,” by the content of the aforementioned document, considering it as a “serious declaration of war against Algeria, State and people.” The Algerian people will remain “unites and indivisible, homogenous and consolidated,” added the Movement.

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