Algeria: National Voter Turnout At 3.78 Percent Till 10 A.m.

Algiers — The national voter turnout in the legislative elections has reached 3.78% at 10 a.m., Chairman of the National Independent Authority of the Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi announced on Saturday.

In a press briefing on the first voter turnout of the legislative elections, Charfi said that the number of the voters has reached at 10 a.m. 889,658 at the national level and 28,045 electors among the Algerian community abroad, underlining that 24,425,188 electors are registered to vote, including 902,865 abroad.

A total of 2,288 lists (1,080 party lists and 1,208 independent lists) comprising 22,500 candidates are taking part in these elections, he said.

The national community abroad comprises 270 candidates in these elections, he underlined.

He also said that 13,009 candidates are under 40 years old, including 5,743 women.

Concerning supervisors, Charfi underlined the absence of 1,746 supervisors at the polling centers. They were replaced by 712 supervisors, he said.

As regards polling stations, out of the 402,980 mobilized supervisors, a total of 14,194 supervisors didn’t join their posts and were replaced by 11,722 supervisors.

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