Algeria: On Campaign’s Day 5, Candidates to Legislative Elections Call for High Voter Turnout

Algiers — Candidates from both the political parties and the independent lists to the June 12 legislative elections called, during the electoral campaign’s fifth day, on the citizens to go massively to the polls. According to them, a high voter turnout in the upcoming elections would help the country “meet the challenges.”

President of the New Algeria Front party, Djamel Benabdeslam said in Tissemsilt (200 km west of Algiers), that the next legislative elections constitute a “strategic option” and “a crucial stage in the construction of new Algeria and its institutions,” calling for massive vote on June 12th.

He added the FLN refused to play secondary roles and intends to “maintain its position as the country’s leading political force”.

President of the El Islah Movement party Filali Ghouini, said in Bechar (1000 km south of Algiers) that the political party he leads has proposed a programme that comprises “serious and responsible proposals, to conduct a real handling of citizens’ concerns”.

General Secretary of the National Democratic Rally party (RND), Tayeb Zitouni, called in Guelma for the establishment of a new management system of local communities, which would “provide larger prerogatives to elected officials and protect them”.

In Oum El Bouaghi, the leading official of the Front for Justice and Development (FJD) party, Lakhdar Benkhellaf stressed the need for the “diversification of the national economy in order to end dependence on hydrocarbon revenues by finding alternatives, while working to solve the problem of the purchasing power of citizens.”

Most of these candidates explained their various electoral programs through social media and local activities, emphasizing in particular the need to go to vote on June 12th, in order to lay the foundations for a new Algeria focused on skills capable of developing local communities.

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