Algeria: President Tebboune Gives Interview to “Al Jazeera” Channel, National and Regional Issues Addressed

Algiers — President of the Republic, Abdelmadji Tebboune, gave interview to the Qatari channel “Al Jazeera.” The interview will be broadcast Tuesday evening, announced the Presidency of the Republic on its Facebook page.

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, gave an interview to the Qatari TV channel “Al-Jazeera,” which will be broadcast Tuesday evening, and in which the president addressed national, regional and Arab issues, including the Libyan crisis and the Palestinian question, announced the channel.

The interview will be conducted by Algerian journalist Abdelkader Ayadh, said the same source.

“When Algeria said that Tripoli was a red line, it really was and those concerned got the message,” he said.

Recalling the agreement endorsed by the Arab League which is based on the “land for peace” principle that provides for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital, he said that “today there is unfortunately neither peace nor land,” so what is “the purpose of normalization,” he wondered.

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