Algeria: President Tebboune – State to Resolutely Work to Restore True Value to Work and Workers

Algiers — President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said Thursday that the State will work rigorously to restore true value to work, to strengthen the place of workers, especially the middle and vulnerable classes, to increase their purchasing power and create the right conditions for a decent life for themselves and their children.

In a message to the Algerian workers, on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, celebrated on May 1 of each year, the President of the Republic said that “our country is called today to restore true value to work, by exerting every effort, mobilizing and letting our capacities and our sense of creativity grow in order to make a qualitative leap in terms of multidimensional development.”

Tebboune also addressed his greetings and gratitude to the Algerian workers “for their efforts in the battle for development, following the path of their predecessors who led the battle for liberation and building and regained the national sovereignty over our natural resources.”

“I pay tribute to all those who fought these noble national battles, as well as the Shouhada of national duty during the dark decade (of terrorism), especially secretary general of the Algerian Union’s late Abdelhak Benhamouda, (assassinated by terrorists during the 1990s,”, wrote the President of the Republic in his message.

The Head of the State also invited workers’ organizations to “support this orientation and play an influential role in building a productive economy which creates wealth and jobs”.

“Even if all our attention has been focused, lately, on the preservation of the life and health of the citizens, because of the spread of the novel Coronavirus, I would like to reaffirm my commitment to resolving all pending litigation, canceling the tax on small incomes and preserving social gains, “said President Tebboune.

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