Algeria: President Tebboune’s Main Statements to Al Jazeera TV Channel

Algiers — President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune has granted an interview to the Qatari news channel Al Jazeera, to be broadcast on Tuesday, in which he raised several crucial national and regional issues, such as the Libyan crisis and the Palestinian conflict, according to a summary published on the Facebook page of the presidency of the Republic.

At the domestic level, the president of the Republic said “the genuine and blessed Hirak (protest movement) has saved the Algerian State from failure.”

The gang “wanted to exploit the illness of the former president to grab power for another five years,” President Tebboune said.

Mentioning corruption, he said that “its scale is so important that we continue to discover its apparent and occult ramifications today,” adding that “imports were monopolized in the hands of about fifty people, who had absolute power to decide who could invest in Algeria.”

The head of State said that Algerian justice has “seized and recovered, for the benefit of the Treasury, all known assets of the issaba,” adding that “Algeria works together with friendly countries in Europe and around the world to discover and recover the misappropriated assets.”

President Tebboune said that Algeria “experienced the 1st Arab Spring during the events of October 1988.”

At the political level, President Tebboune said “Algeria has definitively got rid of ideological Islam” and “the active Islamist movement in Algeria is different from Islamist movements in other countries.”

“Thanks to its peaceful nature, the genuine Hirak came out victorious under the protection of security services and the army,” the head of State said, noting however that “the parties behind recent marches were unknown and these demonstrations are no longer unified in terms of claims or slogans.”

“There have been no protest marches in fifty Algerian provinces in recent times.”

On the Palestinian issue, “Algeria’s position is constant, imprescriptible and immutable”.

Mentioning the agreement reached in the framework of the Arab League on the basis of the principle of “land against peace,” which provides for the establishment of the State of Palestine as a prerequisite for peace, President Tebboune said “there is unfortunately neither peace nor land today,” wondering about the usefulness of normalization (with Israel).

“Algeria enjoys stability thanks to the strength of its Army” and “he who said that Algeria will fall after Syria is mistaken,” he said.