Algeria: Prime Minister Kicks Off National Reforestation Campaign in Tipaza

Tipaza — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad kicked off Saturday, from Tipaza, the most affected province by forest fires, the national reforestation campaign, on the occasion of the National Tree Day under the slogan “Let him plant it.”

In this regard, a total of 250,000 trees will be planted nationwide, including 3,000 in Tipaza, mainly olive trees, as it is the most affected province by the forest fires that occurred recently with losses estimated at 3,800 hectares, including 820 hectares on 6-7 November, leaving two people dead.

This initiative, organized in the heights of Tipaza at Boukerdane dam in Sidi Amar, and which coincides with the World Children’s Day, was marked by the participation of the Algerian Muslim Scouts (SMA), citizens and players of the civil society.

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Forest fires broke out on the night of 6-7 November in eight provinces, namely: Tlemcen, Blida, Sidi Bel Abbes, Oran, Chlef, Ain Temouchent, Tipza and Mostaganem.

These fires devastated a global surface area of 42,338 hectares caused by 3292 areas of fire.

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