Algeria: Prime Minister Outlines Main Changes in Draft Amended Constitution

Algiers — Algeria would name a “Chief of Government” in the event of “parliamentary majority” in the legislative elections, but in case of “presidential majority” a Prime Minister” would be appointed, said Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad.

xhis change has been announced by the Premier while presenting the draft amended Constitution, before the Legal, Administrative and Freedoms Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly, in the presence of Lower House Speaker Slimane Chenine, Minister of Justice Belkacem Zoghmati, and Chairman of the Constitution Amendment Committee Ahmed Laraba.

The text of the draft amended Constitution also says that if “a majority other than the presidential one emerges from the legislative elections, the President of the Republic will appoint a Chief of Government from the parliamentary majority and task him to form a Cabinet and elaborate an action plan,” he added.

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