Algeria: Public Authorities Pay Special Attention to Improving Workers’ Conditions

Algiers — The public authorities are paying “special” attention to improving the professional, material and social conditions of workers in various sectors, despite the difficult economic and financial conditions Algeria is going through, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said during a government meeting held Wednesday in Algiers.

Addressing the social situation, the Premier said that “despite the difficult economic and financial conditions of the country caused by the global health crisis, the public authorities pay particular attention to improving the professional, material and social conditions of workers in various sectors,” said a press release from the Prime Minister’s services.

The Premier, however, said that “in spite of these efforts, a surge of union protests has been recently observed, triggered in some cases by unauthorized trade union organizations, raising certain demands, which the claimants are perfectly aware that they are not feasible, thus reflecting the state of neglect that many sectors have suffered for more than 15 years.”

A large number of problems and difficulties, which protesters request to be addressed have already been tackled by the President of the Republic during his various statements and interviews with media, he said.

President Tebboune “pledged to work to find appropriate solutions, and are even mentioned in the commitments he announced during his election,” Djerad stressed

Djerad added “the stubbornness to apply such an exaggerated approach can only be regarded as a maneuver aimed at serving clear objectives, even if unannounced, aimed at disrupting the climate of change that the public authorities have initiated, in particular by the installation of new companies as part of the project of building new Algeria, in which all citizens will find the conditions leading to the fulfillment of their obligations and the exercise of their rights”.

The “Government is committed to adopting an approach of dialogue with the various social partners,” stressed Djerad, considering that dialogue remains “the optimal means of consolidating social peace which remains an essential condition for the achievement of the desired economic growth “.

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