Algeria: Referendum On Constitution Amendment – All Health Measures Taken in Polling Stations

Algiers — All the material and health conditions to prevent and stem the Covid 19 pandemic have been set to enable 24 million Algerian voters to cast their ballots in Sunday’s referendum on the amendment of the Constitution, said Saturday Chairman of the National Independent Authority of Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi.

Charfi, who visited certain polling stations in the capital, Algiers, said that the preparations for the referendum were “thorough” and that the polling stations were all equipped with the conditions and measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In anticipation of the referendum, the polling stations’ supervisors attended training sessions by videoconference on the procedure to be followed throughout the electoral process, to prevent the spread of the pandemic and protect the health of voters.

This protocol encompasses all the stages relating to the organization of the referendum, including in the ANIE headquarters, in its municipal and provinces offices, polling stations, mobile stations as well as voting centers in the diplomatic and consular districts abroad.

With regard to the referendum for the national community established abroad, in particular in countries where stricter measures to stem the pandemic have been taken, the ANIE president said that all the polling stations, at our diplomatic representations, are prepared to welcome voters.

“The ambassadors and consuls of Algeria abroad are fully authorized to take the necessary measures and adapt to the conditions of each country,” added Charfi.

Referring to the voter turnout rate in remote regions (mobile offices), Charfi announced an 11% an increase recorded on Saturday, compared to the previous elections at this stage.

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