Algeria: Referendum On Constitution Revision – Campaign Commences Discreetly

Algiers — The campaign to explain the new draft Constitution, initiated by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, commenced discreetly on Wednesday, nine months after the establishment of an expert committee in charge of formulating proposals for a constitutional revision.

On this first day, Tajamoue Amel El Jazair party (TAJ) held a meeting in Chlef to increase the population awareness on the importance of participating in this constitutional referendum.

The party’s new head Fatma Zahra Zerouati affirmed, in this meeting, that the draft Constitution revision has brought “strong guarantees” aimed at involving citizens in the building of the new Algeria.

According to Zerouati, “the new Constitution guarantees the institution of a national civil society watchdog, called today to play its role and fulfill the people’s aspirations.”

For his part, Secretary General of the National Liberation Front party (FLN) Abou El Fadhl Baadji said that the referendum on the draft Constitution revision constitutes “a first political test of the change process” and its success is “a token of democracy” in Algeria.

For its part, the National Mujahedeen Organization (ONM) affirmed, in a communiqué, that the referendum on the draft Constitution will be “a starting point for a new phase in the singular militant course of the Algerian people.”

Acting Speaker of the Council of the Nation Salah Goudjil sent a message to this chamber’s members who are concerned by the campaign in which he urged them to “assume their role” in order to explain the content of this project and the amendments for the “building of the new Algeria which meets people’s aspirations.”

Secretary General of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA) Salim Labatcha affirmed, in Annaba, that the new Constitution “will preserve the gains of the people and the working class.”

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