Algeria: Referendum On Constitution – Voting Begins Under Good Conditions, Says Charfi

Algiers — Chairman of the National Independent Authority for Elections, Mohamed Charfi said on Sunday, in Algiers, that the voting operation for the referendum on the constitutional amendment started under “good conditions in most polling stations.”

After performing his electoral duty at the Al-Hashimi Brothers Center (El Biar municipality), Charfi said that based on “what I have observed in Algeria and abroad, all polling stations opened normally, except in one or two regions. The opening of centres could not be done in time.”

Nearly “99 percent of the voting centers are open and the electoral process is taking place normally,” he added.

The National Independent Authority for Elections is supervising its second electoral process since its creation, after the December 2019 presidential elections.

Charfi said that the referendum on the draft amendment to the Constitution represents a “start for a new Algeria.”

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