Algeria: Release of Certain Detainees – President Tebboune Has Promised to Consider Request

Algiers — Minister for Communication, official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic Mohand Oussaïd Belaïd on Tuesday confirmed said Tuesday the request of President of the Jil Jadid party Soufiane Djilali on the liberation of some detainees.

The President of the Republic had promised to consider this request, he added.

Answering a question about what was mentioned in Soufiane Djilali press release concerning his request for the release of certain detainees, Minister Counselor said that it was “true” and that it was the “fruit of dialogue.”

President Tebboune “responded to the request of the Jil Jadid party president and promised to consider it, within the framework of full and strict respect of his

Constitutional prerogatives and his total commitment to respecting the independence of the Judiciary,” added Belaïd, saying that those who boycott the dialogue “assume their responsibilities.”

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