Algeria Seeks to Engage in New Mode of Governance Based On Transparency, Efficiency

The Presidency of the Republic’s committed to permanent communication with citizens “heralds the advent of a new mode of governance based on transparency and efficiency,” said Minister Counsellor for Communication, Official Spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic Belaïd Mohand Oussaïd during told a press conference held Tuesday at the Presidency’s headquarters.

Belaid stressed “the fluidity of information published by the Presidency of the Republic through almost daily press releases to keep public opinion informed of all developments. These efforts herald the advent of a new mode of governance based on transparency, efficiency and direct communication with citizens, a communication that was previously absent.”

Concerning the extension of the health lockdown until 29 April, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic explained that this decision “falls within the competence of experts, doctors and the scientific committee.”

The lockdown lifting depends on two parameters: “the discipline shown by citizens and compliance with preventive measures,” he continued.

With regard to the draft constitutional revision, Belaid said that no date has been set for this matter. “For the time being, everyone is busy with the health situation but once the calm has returned, we will take up this file without delay,” he said.

This freedom is subject to three rules, namely “respect for the law on information, ethics and general morals which are the limits of press freedom in Algeria,” stressed the same official.

Broaching the economic sector, Belaïd said that that the financial crisis caused by the plummeting oil prices, due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, is “under control” in Algeria, hoping for a rapid recovery of oil markets, in the interest of both producing and consuming countries.”

In response to a question if Algeria intended to resort to external barrowing, the Minister affirmed that this option is “ruled out.”

Previously, “the President of the Republic has ruled out the resort to external indebtedness. So the position of the Algerian Republic (on this matter) remains unchanged,” he said.

Answering a question about Cherchell port project in partnership with China, Belaid recalled that the two countries are currently working to ward off the Covid 19 pandemic crisis. “After the end of this disaster, the project will be considered,” he said.

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