Algeria: Student Day – Djerad Calls On New Generation to Keep Pace With Development, Protect National Sovereignty

Algiers — Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad called on Wednesday in Algiers the new generation of students “to keep pace with development, through the perfect knowledge of foreign languages,” insisting on their role in “the protection of national sovereignty”.

Djerad, who chaired a ceremony celebrating the 65th anniversary of National Student Day, at “Ibrahim Sultan Cheibout” University Algiers 3, said that “Algeria has trained a generation of highly qualified economists,” adding that “the new generation is called today to keep pace with development through the perfect knowledge of foreign languages.”

“Most reports and documents are now drafted in English, hence the imperative to learn the language,” he said.

Speaking to a number of students, the Premier broached the post-Covid-19 period, the conflicts that resulted from and the repercussions of the pandemic which “required from us and the Government to preserve an equilibrium that has prevented us from going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”.

“We had to face all the pressures, notably the political ones which wanted Algeria to ask for this institution help,” he added.

“Students have the right today to defend their ideas, to learn and to participate in the political dynamics of the country if they understand the challenges and issues that surround them,” underlined the Prime Minister, considering that “the students are “the driving force and they must not be steered.”

“We respect ideas. There must be a strong debate within the university to highlight its fundamental place and role in the promotion of knowledge and openness to science and scientific challenges, in addition to its contribution to building the country at all levels, including cultural and economic,” concluded Djerad.

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