Algeria Subject to Uninterrupted Flow of Verbal Abuse From France

Algiers — Algeria has been the subject of an uninterrupted flow of verbal abuse from France, said Monday the minister of Communication, spokesman of the government, Ammar Belhimer, following the European parliament resolution on the situation of human rights in Algeria.

“Those attacks are taking place through several channels: the European Parliament, NGOs and their few local media and political connections, as well as social networks and their Parisian influencers,” Belhimer told APS.

“This is not the first time that lobbies in the European Parliament have tried, in vain, to cite Algeria in relation to the human rights and individual freedoms, by issuing similar resolutions which, over time, become boring and cause a feeling of déjà vu,” the minister noted.

“It has become almost a recurrent theme that repeats itself every end of the year. A sort of Christmas gift or a “service rendered” in favour of the sponsors who pull the strings of these lobbies.”

Belhimer mentioned a similar resolution issued by the European Parliament last year, stating “that in November 2019, as Algeria strives to succeed in its presidential elections in order to break the deadlock imposed by the former regime, is the subject of bitter and erroneous criticism from members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who are supposed to represent their people instead of playing mercenaries.”

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