Algeria: Upcoming Legislative Election to Inject New Momentum Into National Renewal Process

SETIF-President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed on Thursday that the upcoming legislative elections will inject a new momentum into the “national renewal” process, expressing confidence in the willingness of the Algerian people to uphold the rule of law.

“We are convinced of the willingness of the Algerian people to strengthen the foundations of free democratic choice to uphold rule of law and build the sovereign and strong Algeria dreamed by the Shouhada (war veterans) and the Mujahideen,” said the Head of State.

The Head of State stressed the importance of valuing the Memory and its transmission to youth, and called it “best guarantee for the immunization of the Nation.”

“The sacred message left by our Shouhada who, by their pure blood, paved their way to freedom, requires us to close ranks and form with the Algerian young people a united force to address challenges,” he continued.

Regarding these efforts, President Tebboune referred to the recent amendment of the Constitution that enshrined 1st November 1954 and affirmed the respect of the symbols of the Liberation Revolution as well as the development of national history writing and teaching to young people.

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